Porsches on Broadway

In 2024, we’re surrounded by new experiences and platforms fighting to grab every last ounce of our attention. The ones that are most successful in creating memorable moments don’t have to participate in that fight - they have real Community. It’s a word thats overused by everyone (we’ve been guilty of it in the past), but yesterday at the Rally Museum we saw REAL community. Cars, Art, and Alts collided at 446 Broadway to create something entirely unique, and the community was on full display in the best possible way.

Here’s how it went down…

For those that joined us yesterday for the first ever live IPO at The Rally Museum, you already knew what happened. For those who couldn’t make it, there’s a good chance some of the footage found you via social media.

The short-story: An insane amount of people showed up lining the streets of Broadway, every piece of in-store merch sold out, and the $315,000 IPO of the Daniel Arsham Porsche 964 RWBA was fully funded in a matter of minutes.

. . .

The (slightly longer) story: We first talked about IPO’ing a very special Porsche with Daniel in 2022, but at the time it wasn’t yet complete. Fast forward to the summer of 2023, and we finally got a chance to see the “RWBA” in person. It was truly a piece of art, and our minds immediately shifted to “we need to put this on Broadway.”

As we began to plan for the Initial Offering, we talked with Daniel about doing an appearance with the car, and IPO’ing it live on site. He was as excited about the chance to connect with fans, new and old, and do something big for the community. RWB fandom has grown tremendously in recent years, and Daniel’s following always packs out his events and openings. 

While the crowd that came out on Saturday was to be expected (there were 1500 RSVPs by Friday), there’s no way we would have been able to predict the enthusiasm and excitement on everyone’s face, or the sheer volume of real fans that showed up. The story of the car was only trumped by the stories we heard from attendees who traveled from hundreds of miles away in some cases to see this piece of automotive art with their own eyes.

It was a little bit hectic at times, but in filling the IPO, selling out of basically every piece of apparel and every accessory in the store, and interacting with Rally investors from far and wide, we can’t help but be excited about what’s to come for the entire alts space - which more often is beginning to overlap with art, media, and pop culture. 

We’re in the process of editing down footage of the event to distribute throughout the coming week, but in the meantime, here’s a quick look at Arsham x Rally, at The Museum:

The Arsham RWBA was certainly a highlight for this year thus far, but the first quarter of 2024 had a lot of highs that we’re compounding in Q2.

  • 23 total buyout offers resulting in $6.5M of total offers, representing ~25% returns from IPO and ~45% since last trade on average. 

  • 2 New world record sales, including the most recent $1.18M sale of our Lamborghini Countach Turbo to a private collector.

  • Record weekly deposits and continued 3X increase in trading volume compared to the same period last year, driven by exit opportunities.

  • The Launch of our first intangible asset partnership with DomainX, funding the first $900K+ Domain Name IPO inside of 2 weeks. 

  • The first IPO on the quarter’s calendar (finally), The Scarface Tuxedo, sold out in around 2 minutes in the public open to start April. 

  • New “Firsts” including the first Mickey Mantle House monetization proposal distributed to shareholders, and the first shareholder-voted auction exits with premier partners including ALT, Goldin, and our most recent Jordan Shattered Backboard Jersey with Sotheby’s. 

As we’ve said as as we continue to prove, working for the community we’ve built, which has been so incredibly supportive to this platform and our team, is paramount. The turnout on Saturday was great, but the numbers above represent the outcomes we need to keep building on.

New IPOs on the way, and more.

PS- Museum Coffee launches in 2 weeks at 446 Broadway, because coffee and collectibles belong together.

Until Next Week…