Good Stories Create Good Returns

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Every sale on Rally, as with many collectibles, represents a transfer of enthusiasm. Today we tell a story of how that enthusiasm can often lead to big returns… (but first, a quick word from our sponsors…)

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Thats true whether it’s a single share being sold in our marketplace, or the full sale of an item from the portfolios of thousands of shareholders into the hands of a private collector. The longer that enthusiasm lasts, the more likely the outcome results in a big win for investors and enthusiasts alike. 

When it comes to the assets on Rally, there has been one asset above all that has been a constant and consistent transfer of enthusiasm every time it showed up in public - our 1980 Lamborghini Countach LP400 S Twin Turbo, the Lamborghini prototype that was never supposed to happen.

This past week, after an initial $1M offer was made to shareholders, a bidding war ensued resulting in a world record $1,181,250 final sale that netted big returns for investors. 

By the numbers, it was a news worthy outcome:

  • Final price settled 18% higher than the initial offer

  • +125% return from the last traded share price

  • +86% return since IPO, with a net return of 70% for those who held from day 1

  • World Record set for the highest price EVER paid for Countach LP400 S

  • The 6th most expensive Countach ever sold

It also represents the 22nd full buyout offer for an asset on the platform so far this year, as we continue our mission to provide increased liquidity to the platform via full exits. To date in 2024, over $6,000,000 in new takeover bids have been delivered to investors, and our secondary market continues to outperform 2023 by more than 3X across every metric.

Its all part of our goal of continuing building the most active alternative marketplace on Earth, and keep building the enthusiasm that brings momentum and attention to the broader collectibles space.

For this week’s Shiny Thing$, our 123rd installment, we felt it was only right to tell the story of one of the items that created wild enthusiasm for every audience everywhere it went - our 1980 Lamborghini Countach Turbo - below, in 90 seconds. 

Until Next Week...